- Novembre 2018-currently : Collectif Ouvre tes Ailes, Le Training des Frigos. Weekly training with coach James Joint. (Paris)

- May 2018 : Workshop Molière et Copi, Théâtre de La Tempête, with Clément Poirée and Bruno Blairet (Paris)

- March 2018: Ciné Masterclass (Paris)

- December 2016: Ciné Masterclass (Paris)

- From 2014 and currently, professional training with argentinian coach Fernando Piernas.

- January-June 2016: Improvisation workshop with Edu Perrés, Improclan, Madrid)

- 2015: Clown with Gabriel Chamé (Argentina)
- 2013-2014: Training for professional actors with coach Laura Jou (Barcelona)

- 2012-2013 : Improvistation workshop with Boris Rotenstein (Institut del Teatre)

- 2012: Comedy workshop with Reichel Delgado (Barcelona, El Terrat productions)

- 2011-2012: Modern Jazz with  Máximo Hita (Company & Company Dance school), Barcelona
- 2010-2012: NANCY TUÑON (drama school, Barcelona)
- 2009-2010: Les Ateliers du Sudden Théâtre (Paris)



- 1999 - 2004: CSMMB (Barcelona's Superior Music Conservatory)

- Clarinet (1st instrument), piano (2nd instrument), drums (Beginner), singing (contralto)

- 2006 - 2009: Lettres Modernes Appliquées, Université Paris IV-La Sorbonne (Paris)





- Currently : Rehearsing the play "Normal(es)", co-written with Cécile Geindre

- April 2018: Reading of NID, by Marc Garcia-Coté, Barcelone en Scène Festival (Paris)

- July 2017: Vuelo 8551 at Sala Barts (Barcelona).

- 2016: Gilipollas, play by Curro Narávez, directed by Jaime Aranzadi. Microteatro por Dinero. Madrid.

- 2016: Se están equivocando, play by Marc Egea, with company Epifanía Teatro. Sala Azarte, Madrid.

- 2016: Maestro, play written and directed by Marc Torrecillas. Microteatro por Dinero, Madrid.

- 2015: Aire de París, play by Marc Egea, directed by Adrian Sierra. El Escondite, Madrid.

- 2014: Death on the tracks, english short play written by G. Tremayne and directed by H. Tremayne. Miniteatres, Barcelona.

- 2014: Divorciadas, evangélicas y vegetarianas play by Gustavo Ott, directed by Roberto Urbina. Cincómonos, Barcelona.

- 2014: With or Without you, short play written and directed by Marc Torrecillas. Miniteatres, Barcelona.
- 2012-2013: Una medalla para las conejitas, play by César Rengifo, directed by Ana Veronica Schultz. Teatreneu, Barcelona. Tour.
- 2012-2013: Bambalinas Paral·lel, play wirtten and directed by por Misael Páez. Cincómonos, Barcelona.
- 2012: Tarda de gossos. Play based on the movie "Doog day afternoon". Directed by Josep M. Riera and Serapi Soler. Teatreneu, Barcelona.
- 2012: Pentateatre atòmic vol. II Directed by Raul Z. Méndez, Marc Fernández and Josep Maria Riera. Teatre Alexandra, Barcelona.



-2020: BLACKOUT, sci-fi short film in english, directed by Victor Gomez, LA FÉMIS.

-2019: TRAUMA, 6x44 TV series, directed by Fred Grivois for 13ème Rue. Empreinte Digitale (Paris) and NBC Universal (Spain)

-2018: NOLANE, web series, directed by Xavier Severin.

- 2018: Héroïnes, short film directed by Luna Madad

- 2018: Deux fils, feature film directed by Felix Moati, Nord-Ouest Productions, Paris.

- 2017: Clip "No Witness" by LP, produced by PANAMAERA, Paris. 

- 2017: Auguste,  short film directed by Olivia Baum (Paris). Produced by Les Films Velvet. Festival l'Alpe de Huez, Portobello Film Festival .

- 2017: Scènes de ménages,  1 Episode, M6, TV, Paris

- 2016: Attic, short film (in english) directed by Arnaud Gransagne (Paris)

- 2012-2019: Several TV commercials (Spain, France and Worldwide)

- 2016: Ecuánime, short film, directed by Hugo Cobo. Gato Verde Producciones (Spain).

- 2016: Le Téléphone, short film directed by Guillaume Cosson (Réactive Zone, Paris)

- 2015: The Night Watchman, international feature film directed by Miguel Ángel Jiménez. TVE and Impala productions.

- 2015: COWORKING, webseries for Barcelona city hall, directed by Joaquin Oristrell. Produced by BUMAYÉ.

- 2015: Losers, feature film out in cinemas in Spain.

- 2014: Shortfilm Gran Cor, directed by Roberto Russo (Bande à Part, Barcelona), for television (TV3)

- 2014: "Antes de que llegue", shortfilm directed by Luis Fernando Pacheco (Bande à part, Barcelona).

- 2013: El día cero, shortfilm by Christian Guiriguet.
- 2013: Voyeur, feature film directed by Marc Recuenco and produced by OLPAMA FILMS.
- 2013: LOSERS, feature film directed by Serapi Soler and Oriol PÉrez. Produced by Canónigo Films
- 2013: Seule Shortfilm (in french)  directed by Toño Chouza. Best microfilm in FEC (European shortfilm festival). Selected and awarded in several  international film festivals.



- 2000-2006: JOVE ORQUESTRA GÈRMINANS (Symphonic orchestra from Barcelona directed by Guerassim Voronkov): Clarinet I and II.

- Keyboards and vocals in synth-pop duo PECORA (Paris)

- Keyboards and back vocals with Alex100 (Paris)

- Drums : Beginner level. Played with several amateur cover bands in Paris.

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